Table 1: Distribution of diagnostic algorithms and corresponding accuracy by severity (based on MMSE).

Diagnostic algorithm%MildModerate and severe
Usual careFlorbetabenSensitivitySpecificitySensitivitySpecificity

Clinical guidelines only 73%0%87%59%77%73%
Clinical guidelines with
 MRI of MTA8%0%82%66%85%80%
 CT of MTA19%0%80%87%80%87%
 CSF Aβ1-420%0%72%75%74%79%
 CSF Aβ1-42 + Ttau0%0%86%64%84%72%
 CSF Ttau0%0%77%73%82%71%
 CSF Ptau0%0%77%73%82%78%
 Florbetaben PET 0%100%90%90%90%90%

MRI: magnetic resonance imaging; MTA: medial temporal lobe atrophy; CT: computer tomography; PET: positron emission tomography; FDG: fluorodeoxyglucose; SPECT: single photon emission computer tomography; CSF: cerebral spinal fluid.