Table 3: Model parameters for treatments.

ParameterDementiaPredementiaData source
Usual careFlorbetabenUsual careFlorbetaben

% of patients receiving dementia medication at diagnosisN/AN/A28%N/AVA VISN 1 and user specification
 If Dx = AD+ 77%100%N/A100%
 If Dx = non-AD67%0%N/A0%
Distribution of dementia medicationDx  =  AD+Dx  =  Non-ADVA VISN 1
Maximum dementia treatment duration allowed, yearsLife time5User specification
Stopping dementia medication if MMSE score is below 10YesN/AUser specification

AD: Alzheimer’s disease; Dx: dementia diagnosis; MMSE: mini-mental state examination; N/A: not applicable.