Table 4: Diagnostic features of the direct and calculated markers of the βAPB.

MarkerCutoff (pg/mL)Sensitivity (>85%)Specificity (>80%)ROC (>0.80)

UP Aβ1-4023.2 ADAD/HC40.093.80.59
17.0 MCIMCI/HC85.768.80.80
22.5 ADAD/MCI40.071.40.35

DP Aβ1-4063.8 ADAD/HC46.781.30.59
63.8 MCIMCI/HC85.781.30.81
72.2 ADAD/MCI40.071.40.36

CB Aβ1-4071.9 ADAD/HC53.387.50.65
71.1 MCIMCI/HC85.781.30.85
211.3 ADAD/MCI13.3100.00.40

UP Aβ1-4210.28 ADAD/HC46.787.50.65
9.2 MCIMCI/HC85.781.30.90
67.4 ADAD/MCI6.7100.00.26

DP Aβ1-4247.4 ADAD/HC46.787.50.62
50.3 MCIMCI/HC57.193.80.79
151.7 ADAD/MCI6.7100.00.35

CB Aβ1-4276.9 ADAD/HC40.0100.00.74
59.8 MCIMCI/HC100.050.00.72
71.3 ADAD/MCI53.371.40.48

T40 (DP + CB)132.7 ADAD/HC53.381.30.60
132.7 MCIMCI/HC85.781.30.83
550.8 ADAD/MCI13.31000.37

T42 (DP + CB)115.8 ADAD/HC53.387.50.71
103.3 MCIMCI/HC100500.77
113.7 ADAD/MCI53.357.10.41

T-βAPB (T40 + T42)235.5 ADAD/HC53.381.30.65
235.5 MCIMCI/HC85.781.30.84
778.1 ADAD/MCI13.31000.38

Highlighted in bold are the results that met the criterion considered suitable as figure in the heading. PPV: positive predictive value. NPV: negative predictive value. ROC: area under the receiver operating characteristic curve.