Table 4: Utility of the screening tests for the detection of CI (MCI or dementia) using the best cut points.


Mini-Cog1/20.60 (0.53–0.67)0.90 (0.84–0.95) 0.73
MMS22/230.76 (0.68–0.82)0.76 (0.68–0.83)0.76
CDT5/60.76 (0.68–0.82)0.78 (0.70–0.85)0.76
MMS + CDT25/260.65 (0.58–0.72)0.93 (0.87–0.97)0.77

aROC: area under curve ROC; Sn: sensibility; Sp: specificity; DA: diagnostic accuracy (proportion of correct diagnoses); : kappa index; MMS: Mini-Mental State; CDT: Clock Drawing Test.