International Journal of Aerospace Engineering / 2011 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Autoclaves for Aerospace Applications: Issues and Challenges

Table 1

Test report of a sample composite specimen. Material: Hexply G0827 BB1040 HP03 1F; Resin Epolam 2063.

Interlaminar shear strength (ILSS) at room temperature

Serial. no.Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Max. Load (N)ILSS (MPa)Min. req. value (Mpa)Failure mode

(2)10.11.92181770.27Min: 60B
(3)10.031.94185471.46Mean: 65B
(4)10.051.91177869.46Mean Obtained: 70.62B

Flexural strength (FL. Str) at room temperature

Sl. No.Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Max. Load (N)Fl. Str (MPa)Min req. value (Mpa)Failure mode

(2)9.911.92446.911468.1Mean: 1300A
(3)10.011.94478.681518.3Mean Obtained: 1444.58A