International Journal of Antennas and Propagation / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Comparative Study of Antenna Designs for RF Energy Harvesting

Table 1

Various antenna shapes and size reduction.

FigureAntenna shapeFreq.SubstrateSize reduction

3(a)Circular patch with slots placed on the diameter2.45 GHzFR-4 substrate ( = 4.4)12
3(b)Square patch with cross-shaped slot etched on its surface2.45 GHzTwo Arlon A25N substrates separated by ROHACELL 51 foam layer32.5
3(c)Forty slits on the perimeter of a square patch, ten on each side2.36 GHzTaconic, TLY-5 laminate ( = 2.21)48
3(d)Square patch with two orthogonal pairs of irregular, unsymmetrical slitsGPS design frequency ( )RT/Duroid 6010 LM substrate ( = 10.2)40
3(e)Square patch with interconnection of four corner patches alternating with four strips and a fifth central patch5.85 GHzRT/Duroid 5870 substrate ( = 2.33)60