Table 1: Performance of detector compared with prior works.

TechnologyBest NEP (pW/ )RES (V/W)Freq. (THz)References

RAL SBDQO based on bow-tie 60220–3300.26–0.4This work
ACST ZBDQO based on logarithmic spiral 5002000.05–1[9]
VDI ZBDQO based on folded dipole 2015–2800.14–0.24[17]
QO based on sinuous 5300–10000.15–0.4[18]
SBD130 nm logic CMOS3350–2500.27–0.29[14]

QO denotes quasioptical detectors; SBD denotes Schottky-barrier diode; ZBD denotes zero bias Schottky diode.