Table 1: Measurement methods for characterization of antennas for wireless handheld devices and applicable figures of merit for respective method.

FOMTable ref.Reverberation chamberAnechoic chamberMulti-probe MIMO setup in anechoic chamber

Radiation efficiencyaYesYesNo
Impedance mismatchbYesYesNo
Signal branch correlationcYes, calculated direct from received signalsYes, calculated from radiation patternsYes, calculated direct from received signals
Diversity gaindYes, direct from received signal distributionsYes, calculated from radiation patternsYes, direct from received signal distributions
MIMO capacityeYes, from received signal statistics Yes, from radiation patternsYes, from received signal statistics
TIS or TRShYesYesNo
TIS/TRS including diversity receptionhYesNo, no multipath fading in anechoic chamberNo
Average fading sensitivity (AFS)iYesNo, no multipath fading in anechoic chamberYes
Data bit throughput (TPUT)jYesNo, no multipath fading in anechoic chamberYes