International Journal of Antennas and Propagation / 2018 / Article / Alg 2

Research Article

Accurate 3D Mapping Algorithm for Flexible Antennas

Algorithm 2

Initial 3D mapping using a grid.
Input: Undistorted image (frame) F.
Output: 3D pointcloud.
1: Let
2: Let C0 be a set of all points on corners of the grid.
3: Compute Level1 (L1) from F and C0.
4: Let S ← be all small squares in L1
5: for each siS do
 (1) let ai ← be the area of si.
 (2) let ni ← be the normal of si.
 (3) let pi ← be a 3D point associated with si w.r.t. ai, ni.
 (4) add pi to P
6: end for
7: Return P