Table 1: Comparison between Dr. Vainer et al.’s study [8] and Ancona experience [3].

FeaturesDr. Vainer et al.’s studyAncona experience

Prostate weight and size (and volume)Yes
(not mentioned)
Fixation enhancementSeparating the two lobesFormalin injection
Inking of the surfaceTwo colours, anterior, and posterior halvesOne colour; orientation with a cut on the right
Presectioning fixation (time)Acid formic (20 h) and 4 buffered formalin (24 h)4 buffered formalin (24 h)
Sectioning interval Approximately 3 mm (Apex and base: 5–10  mm)3 mm (Apex and base: 3 mm)
Subdivision of the slices of the prostate bodyYes, to fit standard cassettesNo (whole mounts)
Seminal vesiclesAs a minimum the apex and a cross-sectionSandwich method (all included)
Postsectioning fixation (time)4 buffered formalin (not mentioned)4 buffered formalin (24 h)
No. of cassettes/total slides (% examined)18–76 (70 )9–14 (100 )
ProcessingNot mentionedAs for regular size cassettes
Slide size (section thickness)7.5 cm by 2.5 cm (4  m)7.5 cm by 5.0 cm (5  m)
Slide staining procedureNot mentionedManual