Research Article

Multiscale Characterization of the PEPCK- Mouse through 3D Cryoimaging

Figure 1

Multiscale Visualization. (a) A 421-day-old female PEPCK- mouse was cryo-imaged at very high-resolution by automatically tiling across the block-face and sectioning serially. (b) The 2D stitched images were converted into a 3D volume >60 GB and visualized in low-resolution through automatic enhanced volume visualization schemes. Interactively, regions were then chosen (box) to visualize in higher-resolution. (c) From the chosen region, a higher-resolution rendering shows the kidneys (K), the adrenal glands (A) above the kidneys, the spleen (S), the inferior vena cava (I), and the pair of ovaries (O). Note that all renderings are in true color. Sections were then chosen (double-arrow line) to investigate structures in full resolution. (d) Coronal section through the left ovary (section 280). The medulla region (M) consists of loose connective tissue and large blood vessels while the peripheral cortex region (C) contains a number of ovarian follicles (arrows) in different stages of development. Sections through several fimbriae (*) of the infundibulum of the uterine tube can be seen to the left of the ovary (Bar = 1 mm).