International Journal of Biomaterials / 2012 / Article / Fig 4

Research Article

Temporary Vascular Occlusion by Rapid Reverse Phase Polymer: A Preliminary In Vitro Study of Retrograde Injection

Figure 4

Terminal tube at the board containing coloured water and uncoloured LG. The upper panel shows a 55 mm plug after injection of 0.3 mL LG with the cannulation method using the LeGoo cannula which was retracted during injection. There are traces of water in the plug corresponding to the path that formed on cannula retraction, and the border between water and LG plug is indistinct. This plug lasted only one minute. The middle panel shows a 32 mm plug after injection of 0.2 mL LG through a LeGoo cannula without retraction during injection. There is water on both sides of the plug showing that the plug had formed unnecessarily deep into the tube. The lower panel shows a 33 mm plug after retrograde injection of 0.15 mL LG. The plugs in the middle and lower panels were observed for 20 minutes without observing any change.