Figure 6: Western blot analysis from 100 μg of total protein extracted from tumor tissues of colon cancer. The PLK1 protein expression was compared among different groups after normalizing the β-actin levels among all the animals. The graph (a) represents relative protein expression of PLK1 gene in tumor tissue after intraperitoneal administration of various treatment formulations; (1) CS-PEG-CP15 with siRNA against PLK1 gene, (2) CS-PEG-CP15 with non-targeting biotin-siRNA, (3) PLK1 siRNA alone, and (4) untreated control: saline. Reduction in PLK1 protein expression was observed with treatment formulation (1) as compared with untreated and mock transfection controls. The graph shows a representative result of in each group, mean ± SE. was considered significant based on Tukey’s post hoc analysis, when compared with other groups.