Table 6: Iron oxide minerals detected by XRD.

PipeSolutionInner faceOuter face

1Static tap waterFe(OH)3Fe3+O(OH)
Aerated tap waterFe3+O(OH), Ca(CO3)Fe3+O(OH)
Aerated solution of 3.5% NaClFeO(OH)FeOOH

2Static tap waterFe3O4, FeO(OH), CaOFe3+O(OH)
Aerated tap waterFe3+O(OH), Ca(CO3)Fe3+O(OH) Ca(CO3)
Aerated solution of 3.5% NaClFeO, Fe3+O(OH), Ca3Fe15O25Fe(OH)3

3Static tap waterFe3+O(OH), FeOOHFe3+O(OH)
Aerated tap waterFeOOH, FeCl2Fe3+O(OH)
Aerated solution of 3.5% NaClFe3+O(OH), FeCl3Fe3+O(OH)