Figure 7: Glutamate-stimulated release of 3H-GABA from rat olfactory bulb: effect of acute stress and cannabinoids. Rats subjected to 1 hr. immobilization stress were sacrificed, and olfactory bulb immediately used for experiments. Micro dissected EPL of control and stressed animals were incubated with 0.1 μM 3H-GABA and superfused with Krebs bicarbonate; after 49 min of superfusion, 100 μM of Glu was added for 4 min in control (Glu) and acutely stressed (AS) animals. The cannabinoid agonist WIN55, 212-2, 1 μM (Win), methanandamide, 10 μM (AEA) was added 14 min before, during, and 12 min after Glu stimulation. The antagonist AM281 (5 μM) was added during Glu stimulation. Results are expressed as a ratio of the % of 3H-GABA released as described in methods. * compared to Glu control, and compares to AS using Mann Whitney test.