International Journal of Cell Biology / 2011 / Article / Fig 3

Research Article

ATP-Sensitive Potassium Channel Currents in Eccentrically Hypertrophied Cardiac Myocytes of Volume-Overloaded Rats

Figure 3

Comparison of Effects of Cromakalim and Glibenclamide. Bars represent the sarcolemmal outward potassium current density amplitude, expressed as percentages of the control values of ventricular myocytes from control, sham-operated and shunted, volume-overloaded rats, measured at the clamp voltage of +40 mV under conditions of pretreatment with cromokalim and post-treatment with glibenclamide. Asterisk ( ) indicates statistically significant difference from control and shunt at . Inserts are raw data recordings showing the amplitudes of outward potassium currents (I), expressed in pA, acquired at a membrane clamp voltage of +40 mV during the control condition, pretreatment with cromokalim and post-treatment with glibenclamide; left insert from a sham-operated control and right insert from a shunted volume-overloaded rat.