Figure 2: Structural homologies of MIF and DDT. (a) Primary structural scheme of the human MIF gene. Yellow region indicates the CXXC domain, the blue boxed domains indicate the proposed tautomerase/isomerase domains and clustered amino acids (Phe3, Val39, Gly50, Lys66, Asn102, Gly107, Trp108, Phe113, and Ala114) [18]. (b) Structural comparison of human MIF and DDT trimers. The catalytically important CXXC domain is shown in yellow. β-sheets are given as arrows, and α-sheets are shown as columns. Data were obtained from the NCBI database (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Structure/mmdb/mmdbsrv.cgi?uid=89970) based on the study of [28].