International Journal of Cell Biology / 2014 / Article / Fig 5

Research Article

Matrix Gla Protein Binds to Fibronectin and Enhances Cell Attachment and Spreading on Fibronectin

Figure 5

MGP augments cell spreading on fibronectin. In Panel (a) the graph shows the calculated cell area/cell for fibronectin coated surfaces compared to fibronectin plus MGP coated surfaces. FN is fibronectin alone open bars at 0.4 μg/mL (left) or 0.2 μg/mL (right); FN + MGP dark bars is the indicated concentration of fibronectin plus MGP at 3 μg/mL. The asterisk indicates that the combination of FN + MGP was significantly different from FN at each concentration of FN (, error bars are SEM). The average cell area from a minimum of 100 cells in 14 to 16 random microscopic fields is shown. Cells were allowed to attach for 2 hours in serum-free medium then fixed, stained, and imaged and the cell area quantified. Area per cell was determined by NIH Image software as described in experimental procedures. Panels (b) and (c) are images of cells attached to fibronectin alone (0.4 μg/mL), and Panels (d) and (e) are images of cells attached to fibronectin plus MGP (0.4 μg/mL and 3 μg/mL, resp.).