International Journal of Chemical Engineering / 2010 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Process Optimization for Biodiesel Production from Corn Oil and Its Oxidative Stability

Table 4

Quality control of corn oil biodiesel fuels used in this study before and after storage time of 30 months compared to EN 14214

PropertiesUnitCorn biodiesel before storageCorn biodiesel after storageSpecification EN 14214
Under argon atmosphereUnder normal oxygen atmosphere

Viscosity at 40°Cmm2/s 3.5–5.0
Density at 15°Cg/cm3 0.86–0.90
Water contentwt% 0.5
Biodiesel yieldwt% 96.5
Monoglyceride contentwt% 0.80
Diglyceride contentwt% 0.20
Triglyceride contentwt% 0.20
Free glycerolwt% 0.02
Acid valuemg KOH/g 0.5
Iodine valuemg I2/g 120
Peroxide valuemeq/Kg
Cloud point °C
Pour point °C
Cold filter plugging point °C