Table 1: Physical properties of straight-run atmospheric gas oil and crude tall oil.


Density at 20°Ckg/m3843952
Sulphur contentmg/kg9 5351 610
Nitrogen contentmg/kg168.4n.a.
Bromine valueg Br2/100 gn.a.81.1
Iodine valueg I2/100 gn.a.113
Acid valuemg KOH/g0.02138
Sodium contentmg/kgn.a.27.7
Potassium contentmg/kgn.a.6.5
Calcium contentmg/kgn.a.1.1
Magnesium contentmg/kgn.a.0.1
Phosphorus contentmg/kgn.a.22.7

AGO: straight-run atmospheric gas oil, CTO: crude tall oil.