Table 5: Results of hydrorefining of the mixtures of gas oil and crude tall oil; catalyst B.


Temperature, °C380360
Pressure, MPa5.55,5
LHSV, h−111
H2/feed, L/L h10305411034531
CTO content in feed, % vol.20
Hydrocarbons C1–C5, % wt.0,980,480,550,37
Propane, % wt.0,380,330,690,46
CO content, % wt.0,650,320,680,48
CO2 content, % wt.0,381,252,071,40
Liquid product, % wt.96.7497.7396.0095.67
Reaction water, % wt.0.861.021.932.93
Sulphur content, mg/kg128.8308.3114.238.2
Acid value, mg KOH/g0.
Nitrogen content, mg/kg2.
Density at 15°C. kg/m3839835832833
Monoaromatics, % wt.2523.220.721.4
Σ Di- and Tri-aromatics, % wt.2.92.622
Cetane number5556.455.856.7