Table 1: Summary of geometric parameters used in the previous work.

Serial numberAuthorsACE dimensionsSimulation of Number of PhasesRange of speed, r/s
𝐷 𝑖 (mm) 𝐷 𝑜 (mm) 𝐻 (mm) 𝑑 (mm)Annular regionSeparator regionOneTwo

1Zhu and Vigil, [153]22.225.4235LL5–50
2Wang et al., [170]69.895.24320.1–0.3
3Vedantam et al., [5]841021895–25
4Wardle et al., [133]50.863.437.766.350
5Vedantam et al., [4]16–2251.5–150–15
6Padial-Collins et al., [166]150LL16.67–50
7Deshmukh et al., [26]3910–10002–150–20
8Deshmukh et al., [132]3952720–20
9Wardle et al., [141]50.863.481.36.3GL60
10Deshmukh et al., [119]52720–20
11Wardle et al., [27]50.863.481.36.3GL60
12Wardle et al., [143]47.4106GL60
13Sathe et al., [28]3949575LL2–26
14Deng et al., [123]36.8606011.63.35
15Wardle, [145]50.863.481.3 (Annulus)
106 (Separator)
6.3GLL (Annulus)
GLL (Separator)
16Gandhir and Wardle, [165]47.4106GL60

*The orifice diameter 𝑑 𝑜 has not been included in the table as most the authors above have simulated the annular and separator regions separately and hence not in specified the orifice diameter 𝑑 𝑜 .