Table 2: Some details of CFD simulations in previous work.

Serial number  Authors Number of grids Method of discretization*, **Multiphase model used 
MomentumPressure-velocity couplingPressure equation

1Zhu and Vigil, [153]30 (radial) × 300 (Axial)ASM (Fluent 5.0)
2Wang et al., [170](Fluent 6.0)
3Vedantam et al., [5]3D 70000 HexahedralFirst order upwindPISOPRESTOVOF (Fluent 6.1)
4Wardle et al., [133]3D 588484 TetrahedralFirst order upwindSIMPLEStandard(Fluent 6.1)
5Vedantam et al., [4]2D 20000First order upwindSIMPLEPressure staggering option (PRESTO)(Fluent 6.1.2)
6Padial-Collins et al., [166](EE) (CartaBlanca)
7Deshmukh et al., [26]2D 20000QUICK upwindPISOPressure staggering option (PRESTO)(Fluent 4.5, 6.0)
8Deshmukh et al., [132]3D 600000 HexahedralQUICKPISOPRESTO(Fluent 6.2.16)
9Wardle et al., [141]3D 286000First order upwindPISOVOF (Fluent 6.3)
10Deshmukh et al., [119]3D 600000 HexahedralQUICKPISOPRESTO(Fluent 6.2.16)
11Wardle et al., [27]3D 800000 TetrahedralVOF (Fluent 6.3)
12Wardle et al., [143]311000 Tetrahedral (Annulus)
160000 Tetrahedral (Separator)
VOF (Fluent 6.3)
13Sathe et al., [28]3D 600000 HexahedralSecond order upwindSIMPLEPRESTO(EE) (Fluent 6.3)
14Deng et al., [123]3D 600000 TetrahedralFirst order upwindSIMPLEStandard(Fluent 6.3.06)
15Wardle, [145]650000—2.5 M PolyhedralFirst order upwindPISOVOF (Open FOAM-1.6)
16Gandhir and Wardle, [165]3D 586846 PolyhedralFirst order upwindPISOVOF (Open FOAM-1.6)

*Most of the authors, except from the group of Joshi and coworkers, have only specified that fluent (specific version) has been used for the CFD simulations. They have 𝑁 𝑜 𝑡 mentioned the various model parameters used for the simulations.
**The underrelaxation factors have Not been specified by most of the authors.