Table 3: Semiempirical CFB mathematical model.

 Height (H), Kunii and Levenspiel [30]
 Decay constant, Kunii and Levenspiel [31]
 Choking voidage, Yang [32]
 Solids circulation flux, Yang [32]
 Terminal velocity of particles, Basu [2]
 where and are given by, Basu [2]
 Superficial gas velocity, Perales et al. [33]
 Axial voidage fraction, Davidson [5]
 Internal solids reflux, Davidson [5]
 Solids inventory, Behainne and Martins [34]
 Pressure drop, Behainne and Martins [34]

 Swift geometrical configuration, Basu [2]
 Pressure drop, Muschelknautz and Greif [35]
 Wall friction coefficient, Basu [2]
 Tangential gas velocity, Muschelknautz and Greif [35]
 Gas exit tube radius, Muschelknautz and Greif [35]
 Parameters of cyclone design, Muschelknautz and Greif [35]
 Velocity at exit

Standpipe/solids recycle valve
 Height above the aeration point, Knowlton [36]
 Pressure drop in the vertical leg of the L-valve, Knowlton [36]
 Pressure drop in the L-valve, Geldart and Jones [37]
 Pressure drop in the riser above the solids return level,
  Behainne and Martins [34]
 Aeration mass flow rate, Geldart and Jones [37]
 Solids inventory, Behainne and Martins [34]