Table 3: The estimated reseeding costs per hectare and GHG [3034].

Reseeding probability 25%

Preharvest machinery operations custom charges$/hagal of diesel/hadiesel cost/haCO2N2OCH4Estimate CO2 equivalent/ha

Airflow spreader (seed and fertilizer) 31.261.48 (0.70 L/ha)5.5615.900.00650.0008717.93
Spraying chemicals 8.280.49 (0.23 L/ha)1.855.300.00220.000295.98
Total 39.541.97 (0.93 L/ha)7.4121.200.00870.0011623.91

Operating exp. Price/unit Units Price/unit Unit/ha$/ha

Seed $7.5/lb ($16.5/kg)3.71 lb (1.69 kg)27.80
 N$0.31/lb ($0.68/kg)264.55 lb (120 kg)
 P $0.37/lb ($0.81/kg)74.13 lb (32.62 kg)27.43
 K $0.23/lb ($0.51/kg)98.84 lb (44.83 kg)22.73
 Pursuit + $53/gal ($14.00/L)7.41 oz (0.22 L)3.06
 MSO $1.75/pt ($3.70/L)79.07 oz (2.34 L) 8.65
 2,4D $16/gal ($4.23/L)3.71 pts (1.76 L)7.41

Total operating costs179.09 $/ha
Total reseeding costs (10 years at 8% amortization (.14903 factor))226.04 $/ha
Prorated yearly reseed cost per ha32.91 $/ha

 *The application of nitrogen fertilizer leads to the formation of nitrous oxide emissions from the soil which leads to emission of GHG.
**The emission of GHG from application of herbicide on a field.