Table 4: The estimated yearly production costs per hectare and GHG [3034].

Estimated yearly production costs

Expected yield per ha 9 tons
Weight of large square bale 950 lbs431.82 kg
Bales per ha 20.84

Pre-harvest machinery operations custom charges$/hagal of diesel/hadiesel cost/haCO2N2OCH4Estimate CO2 equivalent/ha

Bulk fertilizer spreader 8.280.49 (1.85 L/ha)1.855.300.00220.000295.978
Liquid N application and sprayer 17.421.48 (5.60 L/ha)5.5615.900.00650.0008717.93
Total 25.701.97 (7.46 L/ha)7.4121.200.00870.0011623.91

Operating Exp. Price/unit Units Price $/unitUnit/ha$/ha

 N$0.31/lb ($0.68/kg)247.11 lb (112.09 kg)76.604.721.121486.00
 P $0.37/lb ($0.81/kg)4.79 lb (2.17 kg)1.77
 K $0.23/lb ($0.51/kg)56.34 lb (25.56 kg)12.96
 Pursuit + $53/gal ($14.00/L)7.41 oz (0.22 L)3.06
 MSO $1.75/pt ($3.70/L)79.07 oz (2.34 L)8.65
 2,4D $16/gal ($4.23/L)3.71 pts (1.76 L)7.41
Total operation cost

Harvest machinery operations, custom chargesCost without fuel ($/ha)gal of diesel/hadiesel cost/ha

Mow/conditioning36.372.792 (10.57 L/ha)10.4729.950.0120.001633.76
Rake 13.810.766 (2.90 L/ha)2.878.2160.0030.00049.27
Baling: large square45.222.644 (10.01 L/ha)9.9228.360.0120.001531.98
Staging49.422.471 (9.35 L/ha)9.2726.500.0110.001429.89
Total 144.838.67 (32.82 L/ha)32.53114.24.7641.12941694.63

Yearly production costs per ha320.92 $/ha
Prorated establishment cost 72.99
Prorated reseeding cost 32.91
Total production costs 426.82
Production costs per ton 47.42

 *The application of nitrogen fertilizer leads to the formation of nitrous oxide emissions from the soil which leads to emission of GHG.
**The emission of GHG from application of herbicide on a field.