Table 6: Energy and price balances from jatropha whole seed processing using first and second pathways.

First pathwaySecond pathway

Heat of combustion inputs (Btu/lb whole seed)a1096310963
Heat of combustion outputs (Btu/lb whole seed)b109547586
% recovery9969

costs of feedstock/lbc0.220.22
market value of products/lb of whole seedd0.990.55
% profit350150

Heat of combustion of inputs stated as that of jatropha whole seed [9].
bHeats of combustion of outputs obtained from jatropha oil (17498 Btu/lb), fermentable sugars (glucose (6700 Btu/lb) and xylose (6710 Btu/lb) in 2 : 1 ratio) and protein-rich meal (calculated from kernel cake (7825 Btu/lb) and seed cake (10791 Btu/lb) by substracting the contribution from carbohydrate components) [5, 9, 10].
cCosts of inputs estimated from commodity price of soybean whole seed [11].
dPrice of protein-rich meal and bio-oil estimated from soybean and fermentable sugars from 25 kg glucose at Sigma Aldrich [11].