Table 5: Statistical analysis (ANOVA) for evaluating the significance of variables.

SourceSum of squaresF valueP value
Prob > F

Model174.372231.400.0004 significant
A: moisture content27.445969.120.0002
B: weight of waste2.08452.240.0022
C: initial pH53.0711544.18<0.0001
D: glucose1.38300.030.0033
E: grape fruit24.945425.600.0002
F: sucrose22.894980.360.0002
H: molasses8.481845.600.0005
J: peptone5.351164.740.0009
K: tryptone4.00870.120.0011
L: yeast extract1.07232.970.0043
N: NaNO35.191129.880.0009
O: (NH4)2PO47.891715.360.0006
P: KH2PO44.55990.360.0010
Q: MgSO40.82178.940.0055
R: MnSO43.23702.070.0014
S: CuSO40.58126.180.0078
T: FeSO41.41306.000.0033

= 0.9999; adjusted = 0.9995; predicted = 0.9947; adequate precision = 181.134; cumulative variance (C.V.%) = 2.11.