Table 9: Investment cost separated by sector calculated for the evaluated cases.

Case Case Case Case LCase Case
(Million US$)

First generation ethanol production
Sugarcane reception and juice extraction25.925.925.925.925.925.9
Juice treatment and concentration8.
Cogeneration system97.797.797.7104.897.9108.6
Buildings, laboratories, and water treatment888888
Control and instrumentation systems and insulation11.
Packaging and transport5.
Civil works and mechanical assembly29.729.729.729.729.729.7
Spare parts, supervision, engineering, and so forth4.
Heat exchange network333333

Second generation ethanol production
Pretreatment, hydrolysis, and concentration of the hydrolyzed64.863.352.664.4106.7

Shared equipment for first and second generation
Fermentation and distillation33.834.134.531.632.721.2
Vinasse concentration0.