Table 3: Comparison of total sugar and xylose concentrations in acid hydrolysate with literature results.

LignocelluloseAcidConditionTotal sugars (g/L)Xylose (g/L)Reference

Rapeseed straw (Brassica napus)1.76% H2SO4 (w/v)152.6°C, 21 min, 15 mL liquid/g solid1410.5[11]

Sorghum straw6% HCl (w/w)122°C, 70 min, 10 g liquid/g solid2016.2[15]

Silvergrass, rice straw, and bagasse1–3% H2SO4 (w/w)121°C, 10–180 min, 10 mL liquid/g solid27.9/28.1/29.824.2/21.9/21.7[16]

EFB2% H2SO4 (w/w)119°C, 60 min, 8 g liquid/g solidNA*31.1[1]

Sugarcane bagasse3% H2SO4121°C, 40 min, 4 mL liquid/g solidNA57.3[9]

EFB 3% H2SO4 and 1.2% H3PO4 (w/v)130°C, 30 min, 3 mL liquid/g solid83.069.5Step   1
in this study

EFBHydrolysate from step   1130°C, 36 min, 3 mL liquid/g solid114.493.5Step   2
in this study

Not available in the reference.