Table 5: Comparison of the performance of different membranes.

MembraneFeed concentration. 
solution (ppm)
Salt rejection %Permeate flux

PES-CNT membrane7000 50%90[26]
PES/TFC (TBAB) membrane500 46%21[24]
PSf/PSAB membrane100075%19[18]
PS/Al metal membrane3500 42.22%16.4 [27]
PES/Mn(acac)340,00099.5%24.2This work

Where PES-CNT is Polyethersulfone blended with carbon nanotubes, PES/TFC (TBAB) membrane is thin film composite Polyethersulfone membrane and the surface is treated by tetrabutylammonium bromide (TBAB), PSf/PSAB is blended Polysulfone with polysulphonyl amino benzamide (PSAB), and PS/Al metal is composite membrane of vapor deposition of aluminum metal on Polysulfone membrane.