Table 2: Game factor questionnaire.

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Game goals
(1) The tasks or stages have clear goals.4.504.33
(2) I know what I seek in this game.4.444.00
(3) I’d like to complete the game’s goals and achievements.4.384.13

Game mechanism
(4) The game’s genre and gameplay are clear.4.383.80
(5) The game goals and rules are clear.4.254.27
(6) I like the gameplay in this game.4.003.60

(7) The operational processes are easy and intuitional.4.253.87
(8) The system tips are clear and real time and let me know what the next step is.3.693.87
(9) The interaction with the device is fun.3.753.80

(10) I can control my status and data in this game.3.503.73
(11) I can play the game in various ways.4.253.27
(12) I can create my own gaming history.4.193.53

Game fantasy
(13) The art style is unified, and the overall appearance is consistent.4.254.13
(14) The characters and scenes in this game fit its environment.3.564.20
(15) The game story and mechanics do not match.2.252.07

(16) The game has a deep story.2.194.27
(17) The plot is logical.2.634.20
(18) I’d like to follow the story’s development.2.754.20

(19) The colors and layout of the interface attracts my attention.3.693.80
(20) The icons and functions are clear and intuitional.4.003.80
(21) The graphics and sounds in this game are abundant3.314.00

Game value
(22) I’d like to get more resources in this game.3.133.80
(23) The game content is plentiful and interesting.3.563.87

(24) The game is challenging.4.443.80
(25) I can complete the tasks and finish stages.4.384.33
(26) I’d like to get better gaming achievements than my now.4.634.07

(27) I can communicate with others easily in this game.2.192.60
(28) The game allows me to cooperate or compete with others.2.442.67
(29) I like to cooperate or compete with others in this game.2.132.73

(30) The game has some surprises.2.633.27
(31) Before I finish this game, I’d like to know more about the follow-game content.3.064.13

(32) I was very focused on this game.3.754.13
(33) I did not feel tired when playing this game.3.133.40
(34) I often forgot the time when playing this game.3.443.73
(35) I paid less attention to my surroundings when playing this game.3.383.80