Table 1: Demographic profile of respondents.

Sample 1 (), % EFASample 2 (), % CFA

Age (years)
 Secondary school student311.5
 Diploma/foundation student10928.9
 Fresh undergraduate student2459.6
Frequency of videogame play
 Once a week19.120.4
 A few times a week47.840.0
Average daily hours of videogame play
 1–4 hrs/daily66.971.5
 Above 4–8 hrs/daily30.124.1
 Above 8–12 hrs/daily2.22.6
 More than 12 hrs/daily.71.9

Answers generated in multiple response setting (percent of cases means each percentage is out of 100)
Most genre of videogames played
 Sports game45.634.8
 Children’ entertainment14.011.1
 Family entertainment22.814.8
 Other videogames/genre8.16.7
Most common platform for videogame players
 Personal computer81.678.5
 Dedicated gaming console43.423.7
 Wireless device20.622.6
 Dedicated handheld device8.18.1