Research Article

Kinect-Based Exergames Tailored to Parkinson Patients

Figure 1

A sequence of screen snapshots displaying the “Twist Torso to Navigate” gesture in action; (a) the player faces the TV monitor which shows the current (Balloon Goon) exergame. He is instructed to either raise both hands to select and start the shown game or twist to the right to select the next game (Slope Creep); (b) by twisting his torso to the right, the player opts to navigate to the next (Slope Creep) game; (c) the right torso twist gesture has now been recognized; as a result, the Slope Creep game is shown and can be selected; (d) the player, however, opts to twist to the left in order to return to the previous (Balloon Goon) game. When the left torso twist gesture is recognized, the screen on the monitor will again be that shown in (a).