Research Article

Business Intelligence Challenges for Independent Game Publishing

Table 1

Details of indie game developer interviews.

IndexCompanyPositionGame publishingCompany sizeCountry

1Indie game studio (C1)CEOHas developed two games, mainly focused on the PC platform and ported to mobile. Published its mobile game in the App Store and Google Play itself.SME 6 employeesSweden
2Indie game studio (C2)CEODeveloped for all platforms which include PC, console, and mobile, such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox, IOS, and Android. Published one game on all platforms itself.SME 9 employeesSweden
3Indie game studio (C3)Business managerDeveloped for the mobile platform including Amazon, IOS, and Google. Published three games, two of them published itself.SME 9 employeesSweden
4Indie game studio (C4)CEODeveloped five mobile games and primarily focused on the App Store and Google Play. Conducts self-publishing and has a core team of talented people with over ten years’ experience of development.SME 14 employeesChina
5Indie game studio (C5)CEODeveloped more than 30 mobile games and primarily focused on the IOS App Store and Google Play Store. Does self-publishing for IOS and Android, covering all global markets.SME 4 employeesChina