Research Article

Business Intelligence Challenges for Independent Game Publishing

Table 2

Main challenges for indie game publishing.

Main challengesFeedback from indie game developers

Publishing challenge 1: marketing(i) Marketing is tricky because it’s hard to get people to know about your game.
(ii) Marketing can be a very generic term. It can be very hard to know exactly what activities should be included in marketing.
(iii) Few of the games can be featured by IOS and Android channels.
(iv) Effective marketing promotion for user acquisition should be based on ROI data analysis.
(v) In order to save on marketing costs, most indie game developers rely on social media to attract players. It’s hard to instantly evaluate social media performance.
Publishing challenge 2: data collection(i) Focus on the basic game metrics collection, which includes retention, revenue, daily users and lack the experiences in the selection of monitoring data
(ii) Only use basic metrics and current data collection is relatively fragmented.
(iii) Not very clear about the kind of data that should be collected.
Publishing challenge 3: data analytics(i) Difficult to clearly understand the meaning behind the data and improve the game.
(ii) None of the studios in our research have a dedicated analyst.
(iii) Indie game developers lack the experience to conduct in-depth analysis and rely on third-party tools.