Table 3: Cavity size related to survival of restorations after one year.

Measured margin lengthIntact restorationsFractured restorationsLevel of significance
Nmean [mm] mean [mm](Mann-Whitney U-Test)

(1) Width at the isthmus
 (a) mesially194.1664.181.00
 (b) distally104.1853.620.13
(2) Maximum width of proximal box
  (a) mesially195.2565.430.73
  (b) distally105.6655.220.59
(3) Vestibular height at isthmus
  (a) mesially142.8363.730.13
  (b) distally83.3944.300.11
(4) Height at isthmus
  (a) mesially142.8463.740.44
  (b) distally83.4344.750.21
(5) Maximum cavity width Transversally355.6195.130.53
(6) Maximum cavity width mesio-distally37.5897.040.80