Research Article

Pop-Cola Acids and Tooth Erosion: An In Vitro, In Vivo, Electron-Microscopic, and Clinical Report

Figure 3

Calcium measures of swishes. Initial swishes were done for all groups with the same water (Aquafina) as controls. Subsequently, test standard-cola swishes were obtained; 2 hours later, diet equivalent swishes were secured. Calcium measures were done directly from source (bottled water or can) and the swished expectorates. Measures were assessed using ICP-OES. The Ca2+ content of control (water) remains constant for each group, but the Ca2+ content of swished water probes obtained from 3 separate cohorts (six volunteers for each group) vary slightly. Calcium was expressed as mg/L from the source and for test colas after swishing with and without teeth. There is a significant increase ( Student- ) in calcium, found in all the colas tested, when swishes with cola from subjects with teeth are compared to swishes of colas from subjects without teeth. The calcium content in the water controls is negligible.