Table 3: Physicochemical properties of alditols at .

AlditolMolecular weightMaxium van der Waals radius Partial molar volume Permeability “Water activity” constant

Glycerol 92.12.870.841.49 ±0.40 10-101.16
Erythritol122.13.1–3.286.834.92 ±0.27 10-101.34
Xylitol152.13.2–3.3102.129.9 ±3.4 10-111.66
D-Mannitol182.23.4119.227.6 ±4.8 10-110.906

values for glycerol, erythritol, xylitol and D-mannitol are from Kiyosawa [93]. Other values represent estimates of the present author.
(b)At infinite dilution at 25°C [94]. Values for ribitol and sorbitol are from Back et al. [95].
(c)Using the giant alga Chara cell membrane [96].
(d)The values of K are those of a correlating constant from the equation = exp( ), where and are molar fractions of water and solute, respectively, and is water activity [97].