Table 3: The association between weight-for-age -score, height-for-age -score, and the number of decayed teeth.

Age groupModelRegression coefficient95% confidence intervalSignificance

Weight-for-age -score and untreated caries6–8 yearsFirst−0.11−0.16, −0.07<0.001
Second−0.10−0.15, −0.06<0.001
Third−0.10−0.15, −0.06<0.001
9–12 yearsFirst−0.04−0.08, −0.00<0.05
Second−0.03−0.06, −0.01<0.05
Third−0.04−0.07, −0.01<0.05

Height-for-age -score and untreated caries6–8 yearsFirst−0.13−0.19, −0.07<0.001
Second−0.10−0.16, −0.05<0.001
Third−0.11−0.17, −0.05<0.001
9–12 yearsFirst−0.05−0.10, −0.01<0.05
Second−0.04−0.09, 0.010.08
Third−0.05−0.10, −0.01<0.05

First model: adjusted for sex and Second model: adjusted for area description, socioeconomic class, and escape of meal per week. Third model: adjusted for tooth cleaning frequency and ever visited doctor.