Table 4: Odds ratio of association of underweight (weight-for-age <−2) with untreated caries adjusted for different variables.

Age groupModelOdds ratio95% confidence interval value

6–8 yearsFirst1.671.19, 2.33<0.05
Second1.581.13, 2.23<0.05
Third1.611.14, 2.27<0.05

9–12 yearsFirst1.461.08, 1.98<0.05
Second1.451.07, 1.96<0.05
Third1.471.08, 2.00<0.05

Weight-for-age z-score <−2 is under weight and ≥−2 is normal weight. Model 1: adjusted for sex. Model 2: adjusted for area description, socioeconomic class, and escape of meal per week. Model 3: adjusted for tooth cleaning frequency and ever visited doctor.