International Journal of Dentistry / 2015 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Effect of EDTA Conditioning and Carbodiimide Pretreatment on the Bonding Performance of All-in-One Self-Etch Adhesives

Table 2

Composition and manufacturer’s instructions of adhesive systems used in the study.


G-Bond4-MET, phosphate ester monomer, UDMA, acetone, water, microfiller, and photoinitiatorGC Corp.; Tokyo, Japan(i) Shake the bottle thoroughly prior to dispensing
(ii) Immediately apply to the prepared enamel and dentin surfaces using the disposing applicator
(iii) Leave undisturbed for 5–10 seconds
(iv) Dry thoroughly for 5 seconds with oil free air under maximum air pressure. The final results should be a thin, rough, adhesive film with the appearance of frosted glass and which doesn’t visibly move under further air pressure
(v) Light cure for 10 seconds

OptiBond-All-In-One GPDM, GDM, HEMA, Bis-GMA, water, ethanol, acetone, silica, CQ, and sodium hexafluorosilicate OP; Kerr; Orange, CA, USA(i) Shake adhesive bottle briefly. (vigorously for 10 seconds)
(ii) Using the disposable applicator brush, apply a generous amount of OptiBond-All-In-One adhesive to enamel/dentin surface. Scrub the surface with a brushing motion for 20 seconds
(iii) Apply a second application of OptiBond-All-In-One All-In-One adhesive with a brushing motion for 20 seconds
(iv) Dry the adhesive with gentle air first and then medium air for at least 5 seconds with oil-free air
(v) Light cure for 10 seconds