Table 1: Timeline of COHRA2 in-person assessments.

AssessmentIn-person visits
(first tooth)

Dental assessmentM2M, B2M, BM, BM, BM, B
Physical measurements3MBM, BM, BM, BM, B
Medical interviewM4M5MMMM
Current medicationsMM, BM, BM, BM, BM, B
Dental Fear SurveyM
Fear of Pain QuestionnaireM
Child Behavior Checklist (partial)M
Household water6M
Microbial samples
 Gingival swabMM, BM, BM, BM, BM, B
 SalivaMMM, BM, BM, BM, B
 Tooth plaqueMMMM, BM, BM, B
Saliva for DNA7MB

Visit performed at Pittsburgh site only.
2M: mother; B: baby.
3Not all measurements performed at all visits; self-reported measurements recorded if physical measurements are unable to be made.
4Questions on preterm labor included, to insure that participant can safely complete protocol.
5Birth information collected by phone if birth visit is not completed.
6Collected at visit 1; if participant moves, additional sample is collected from new residence.
7Saliva collected at additional visits as needed to insure adequate amounts of DNA.