Table 3: Oral health behaviors of COHRA2 women during pregnancy (2011–2015).

VariablePittsburghWest VirginiaCombined value1

Tooth brushing2
How often do your brush your teeth?
 <1 time a day113%103%213%0.56
 1 time a day7221%8226%15423%
 2 times a day22165%19361%41463%
 >2 times a day3410%3411%6810%
Dental flossing
Do you floss?
If yes, how often?0.03
 ≤1 time a week 6927%6028%12928%
 2–6 times a week9336%6531%15834%
 1 time a day7730%5827%13529%
 >1 time a day16 6%3014%4610%
Dental visits3
How long since last visit?<0.00001
 <1 year26279%17757%43968%
 1-2 years31 9%5719%8814%
 >2 years4012%7424%11418%

value tests differences between Pittsburgh and West Virginia sites.
2100% of women report that they brush their teeth.
398% of women have been to a dental practitioner.