Figure 3: Microscopy of tissue response following subcutaneous implantation of BPCM and DFDBCBM. Both membranes were surrounded by fibrous capsule of 10–20 cell thickness. There was no sign of BPCM (a) degradation whereas some cleavages were noted in DFDBCBM (b) indicating degradation at day 28 after implantation (arrow pointing to membrane and their surrounding capsule, H&E staining, ×40 original magnification, bar = 50 μm). The interface tissues surrounding BPCM (c) and DFDBCBM (d) exhibiting fibrous tissue consisting fibroblasts with scattered foci of macrophages (green arrow pointing to fibroblast, blue to macrophage, and yellow to the respective membrane, H&E staining, ×1,000 magnification).