International Journal of Dentistry / 2018 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Variation of Energy in Photobiomodulation for the Control of Radiotherapy-Induced Oral Mucositis: A Clinical Study in Head and Neck Cancer Patients

Table 1

Protocols of laser irradiation (adapted from Zecha et al. [11]).

Group 0.25 JGroup 1.0 J

Source (laser device)Indium gallium arsenide phosphide semiconductor laserIndium gallium arsenide phosphide semiconductor laser
Wavelength660 nm (visible red)660 nm (visible red)
Power25 mW100 mW
Beam area4 mm23 mm2
Energy (radiation)0.25 J1.0 J
Time10 s10 s
Dosage (fluence or energy density)6.3 J/cm233 J/cm2
Operating modeContinuous waveContinuous wave
Physical relationship to the organIntraoral, direct contact with oral mucosaIntraoral, direct contact with oral mucosa
ScheduleConcomitant to radiotherapyConcomitant to radiotherapy

Twin Flex Evolution, MM Optics Ltda, São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil; Laser Duo, MM Optics Ltda, São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil.