Table 1: Reporting quality of all selected full-text articles.

Author and yearImplant shoulder designStudy characteristicsSelection biasPerformance biasDetection biasAttrition biasReporting bias
Study designFollow-upCONSORT/STROBEEthical board approvalRandom sequence generationAllocation concealmentBlinding of participants and personnelBlinding of outcome assessorsIncomplete outcome dataSelective reportingOther sources of biasOverall risk of bias

Heijdenrijk et al. 2006 [9]ScallopedRCT5 yearsNoNoUnclearUnclearNoNoMedium riskLow riskLow riskMedium risk
Sanz Martin et al. 2015 [17]One pieceRCT1 yearNoYesComputer-generated listNoNoUnclearLow riskLow riskLow riskMedium risk
Thoma et al. 2014 [18]One pieceRCT1 yearNoYesComputer-generated listNoNoNoLow riskLow riskLow riskMedium risk
Van Nimwegen et al. 2015 [19]ScallopedRCT5 yearsUnclearNoUnclearNoNoNoLow riskLow riskLow riskHigh risk
den Hartog et al. 2011 [20]ScallopedRCT1 yearNoYesRandomization by minimizationYesNoNoLow riskLow riskLow riskMedium risk
den Hartog et al. 2013 [21]ScallopedRCT1 yearNoYesRandomization by minimizationYesNoNoLow riskLow riskLow riskMedium risk
Tymstra et al. 2011 [22]ScallopedRCT1 yearUnclearNoUnclearNoNoNoLow riskLow riskLow riskHigh risk
Ormianer et al. 2016 [23]One pieceRetrospective5 yearsNoNoArbitraryNoNoNoLow riskMedium riskMedium riskHigh risk
Duda et al. 2016 [24]One pieceRetrospective3 yearsNoNoNoNoNoNoLow riskMedium riskMedium riskHigh risk
Khraisat et al. 2013 [25]ScallopedProspective3 yearsNoYesNoNoNoNoLow riskLow riskLow riskMedium risk
McAllister 2007 [26]Scalloped/one pieceProspective4 to 28 monthsNoNoNoNoNoNoMedium riskMedium riskMedium riskHigh risk

Manuscripts that included the same cohort of patients.