Table 4: Mortality among 389 treated edentulous patients undergoing treatment with dental implants who were 40–59 years of age at surgery and deceased younger than 60 years and treated and deceased during 1997–2014.

Causes of deathTotal number of deceased patients ()
ObservedExpectedSMR95% CI

Infectious diseases0
Endocrine/metabolic diseases10.24.40–12.9
Mental illness10.24.00.0–12.0
Diseases in the circulatory system1125.42.2–8.5
Diseases in the respiratory system20.37.30–17.4
Diseases in the digestive system10.42.30.0–6.9
All causes28102.71.8–3.9

SMR: standardised mortality ratio; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; statistically significant.