Table 5: Mortality among 290 treated edentulous patients undergoing treatment with dental implants who were >79 years at surgery and treated and deceased during 1986–2014.

Causes of deathTotal number of deceased patients ()
ObservedExpectedSMR95% CI

Infectious diseases360.50.0–1.1
Endocrine/metabolic diseases480.50.0–0.9
Mental illness14240.60.3–0.8
Diseases in the circulatory system1291890.70.6–0.8
Diseases in the respiratory system17290.60.3–0.9
Diseases in the digestive system3100.30.0–0.6
All causes2363620.60.5–0.7

SMR: standardised mortality ratio; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; statistically significant.