Table 1: Blood biochemical and hormonal analysis.

I bII bNormal value

Serum Calcium2.562.392.0–2.8 mmol/L
Serum Phosphate1.11.510.8–1.6 mmol/L
Plasma PTH27.52152.415–65 pg/mL
Plasma GH4.2164.763<5 ng/mL
Plasma TSH3.7314.560.27–4.2 uIU/mL
Plasma Free T33.533.183.1–6.8 pmol/L
Plasma Free T418.238.4712–22 pmol/L
Plasma LHNormal6.672.4–12.6 mIu/mL
Plasma FSHNormal11.343.5–12.5 mIu/mL
Plasma EstradiolNormal23.3424.5–195 pg/mL
Plasma INS13.3415.292.6–24.9 uIU/mL

Values in italics represent means outside the reference range; I b represented patient’s mother; II b represented the patient.